All Parish Brunch

On Sunday, we had a Combined Service followed by our annual All-Parish Brunch and Annual Meeting in Walton Rodgers Hall. It was Rev. Margot’s last Sunday with us before starting her sabbatical and we wish her well!

Rev. Dee Woodward can be reached at


Shrove Tuesday

Please join us on February 9th at 6:30 pm upstairs in the Walton Rogers Hall for our Annual Pancake Supper. In case you haven’t broken your New Year’s resolutions yet or simply want to take a break from all that healthy eating you’ve been doing, this would be the day. If you would like to help out and/or bring a food item for the meal, please feel free to do so. If you have any questions contact Greg Wallingford at Happy Mardi Gras!

From the Rev. Dee Woodward

I am honored, humbled and so very pleased for the opportunity to be with you, especially for these most precious seasons of our lives, for Lent and Holy 


Week and then the Easter season. How very appropriate to meet you all for the first time as we celebrate your patron saint, Stephen! 
I have been serving as a priest in the Diocese of Massachusetts for almost 30 years, and in various capacities; as rector, priest-in-charge, interim, br idge priest…  My M.Div is from Gordon Conwell, and I had the opportunity to serve on the faculty at EDS as interim director of Field Education and Homiletics. As a parish priest, I especially enjoy joining new parishes, learning new practices, and meeting the Body of Christ in new ways. I imagine gracious discoveries will bless our time together.

Some personal details of my life include fifty years of marriage to my husband, Jim, along with our three children and three grandchildren, all of whom blessedly live nearby. We have owned three-plus sail boats, in one of which, “Sweetwater,” we sailed around the world. While aboard her, I had the opportunity to serve in the Diocese of Christchurch in New Zealand. We now live aboard M/V Fintry in Boston harbor. You can check her out at

Pastimes and hobbies include golfing, singing, orchids and needlepoint, in none of which I excel and in all of which I delight.

This comes to you with gratitude.

Yours in Christ,


Welcome to Our New Communications Specialist!

2fe03b94-218c-489a-8cf2-910be8b1c17fI am delighted to introduce you to Jane Higgins Norton, our new Communications Specialist. Jane will be taking over Molly’s responsibilities for the Weekly Update, Sunday’s liturgies, our website, and all other facets of St. Stephen’s communications.

Jane studied English and Art at Connecticut College and Mass College of Art & Design, and then worked as a design professional in various industries – from illustrating greeting cards and designing ad campaigns to laying out newspapers. In her spare time, Jane enjoys painting, hiking with her dog, Winnie, birding, kayaking, and reading. She is well versed in
all aspects of communications, and I know she will serve our parish well.

I want to thank Molly, to whom we are all indebted for her generosity of spirit. For the past nearly two months, while already working full-time in her career as a Social Worker and Counselor (and raising Eli!), Molly has continued to produce our Weekly Updates and Sunday liturgies, and is working even now with Jane to in  sure a smooth transition in our communications.

Jane’s email address is All announcements and other communications requests should be directed to Jane from now on!

Thank you, Molly-and welcome, Jane!


Picture of the Week

IMG_2754 St. Stephen’s in the winter wonderland of Cohasset, February 6th, 2016