Welcome to St. Stephen’s, Cohasset!

 St. Stephen’s has opened our search for a new, full time rector. Details about the position and instructions for applying are included in the Parish Profile.

NuDay Syria Drive

727cb383f27770733a404590827f3b22Our latest drive for NuDay Syria begins this Sunday, January 7th and through February 18th. We are collecting warm coats, jackets, pants, sweaters, hats, gloves, boots and scarves for adults and children. Since camp adults are mostly women, we need women’s clothing especially. In order to help with sorting, please write the size of the item on a masking tape label, or clearly displayed somehow.
Donations will be collected in the vestibule of the Church and in Walton Rodgers Hall. Thank you in advance!

NuDay Syria is the “natural extension of local efforts here in the New England area, to help alleviate the humanitarian suffering taking place in Syria since March 2011. We are especially concerned with the plight and vulnerability of displaced Syrian women and girls, whose needs are often overlooked and voices not heard. NuDay Syria advocates for girls and women who now find themselves with no male breadwinners and often have little skills and experience earning and providing for their families.” Our donations go directly to refugee camps in Syria and Turkey.

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes begin this Sunday, January 21st at 8:45am in the Bartow Room. Refreshments will be served!

CIA (Christ in All) Offerings

Wednesday Evenings—7-8:30pm

Every Wednesday evening youth grades 6-8 gather for an evening together full of meaningful conversation, sacred space, and of course, a some fun! Our nights begin with preparing a meal together followed by a Bible Story. Then we have feast (Pizza) and fellowship. Youth Group is a great place to get to know other kids, ask the big questions, and to serve others.

Members of the Youth Group Staff are Cathy Forest, Lee Dickson, Nancy St John and Sue McHugh.

Sundays 10-11AM

If Wednesday evenings do not fit into your youths schedule we also are offering a Sunday program at 10am in the Bowser room(up near the kitchen) led by Lee Dickson.

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