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Lessons and Carols

Don’t miss the Advent Lessons and Carols service this Sunday, December 10, at 4:00 p.m.
Lessons and Carols is a service based on ancient sources that came to life in the industrial towns of England over the course of the Industrial Revolution. The music is based on scripture readings that foretell the birth of Jesus, tracing the need for a Savior from the lesson of Adam and Eve in the garden, through Isaiah and the Prophets to the Gospels of Like, Matthew and John. With the scripture to guide them, musicians for centuries have been inspired to write some of their most beautiful music, and we will present some of it at this service, and throughout the Advent and Christmas season.
We call this service and Advent Lessons and Carols because, while much of the choral music represents the birth of Jesus, the hymns do not, and remain thoroughly grounded during Advent. Don’t despair: many of these hymns are among our favorites, and are as well known as most Christmas Carols. There are also responsive readings that follow the Advent calendar, and we read the Collects for three of the four Advent services, as well as that for Christmas Eve.
The service well represents the opening sentence of the Collect for Christmas Eve: O God, you have caused this holy night to shine with the brightness of the true Light . . . We hope to see you at this service of life and light.

Confirmation Classes

Cross and Vine Christian ClipartWith January just around the corner we are starting to prepare for our confirmation classes. This Spiritual journey will begin in January with Father John McGinn and Sue McHugh leading the group. The program is for youth Grades 9-12 and will run 13 consecutive weeks. The Confirmation Ceremony will be held here at St Stephen’s in October of 2018 with the Bishop in attendance.  Please click here to download and print out a confirmation application. This form is due no later than December 19th. 

CIA (Christ in All) Offerings

Wednesday Evenings—7-8:30pm

Every Wednesday evening youth grades 6-8 gather for an evening together full of meaningful conversation, sacred space, and of course, a some fun! Our nights begin with preparing a meal together followed by a Bible Story. Then we have feast (Pizza) and fellowship. Youth Group is a great place to get to know other kids, ask the big questions, and to serve others.

Members of the Youth Group Staff are Cathy Forest, Lee Dickson, Nancy St John and Sue McHugh.

Sundays 10-11AM

If Wednesday evenings do not fit into your youths schedule we also are offering a Sunday program at 10am in the Bowser room(up near the kitchen) led by Lee Dickson.

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Soup and Sandwich: 11/10/2017