Through the Prism

Sermon for Sunday, February 10, 2013
Last Sunday after Epiphany, Year C
Luke 9:28-36
Written by the Rev. Adam Thomas

On February 10, 2013, church services were canceled due to the blizzard and lack of power and heat in the church. What follows is the sermon-skit that the ROX teens would have performed if we had had a 10am Family Service. As you read, think of this as a cheesy after-school special and you’ll get the tone we were going for.

Elizabeth: (Sees the prism on the floor, picks it up, and holds it up as if inspecting it) I wonder what this could be? It sort of looks like a diamond, but it’s way too big to fit on a ring. Maybe it’s a tiny, clear golf ball. Or a piece of hard candy (mimes biting down on it and grimaces)…nope, it’s definitely not a piece of hard candy. I wonder what this could be?

Hannah: Hi, Elizabeth. I know what that is. It’s a prism.

Elizabeth: A prison? What would be small enough to fit in such a small prison?

Hannah: No, not a prison, a prism. Although, now that you mention it, there is something trapped inside.

Elizabeth: There is? What?

Hannah: A rainbow.

Elizabeth: Wait just a second. Rainbows stretch all the way across the sky. How could a rainbow fit inside such a small object?

Hannah: Well, shine some light through it and see for yourself.

(Elizabeth holds the prism in a beam of sunlight shining in through the windows.)

Hannah: See on the wall there? And there? See those tiny rainbows?

Elizabeth: I do see them. Who would have thought they were trapped inside this prison…er, I mean, prism.

(Bobby and Dylan enter from the sacristy carrying the rainbow from SKY VBS.)

Hannah: Hi Bobby. Hi Dylan. What a coincidence. We were just talking about rainbows.

Bobby: For some reason, Dylan and I just decided to walk into the middle of this church service carrying this rainbow. (Dylan waves.)

Hannah: That was good luck. Do you guys mind standing there for a minute?

Bobby: For a minute, sure. But then we have to go carry this rainbow other random places.

Hannah: See, Elizabeth? All of these colors are trapped within normal white light.

Elizabeth: I see red and orange and yellow and green and blue and indigo and violet. All the colors of the rainbow. Are they really trapped inside the prism?

Hannah: Well, no. Not really. But when white light shines through the prism, the light breaks up, and we can see all the colors that make up the white light.

Bobby: Can we go now? We have important rainbow carrying to do elsewhere.

Hannah: Sure. Thanks for stopping by.

(Bobby and Dylan exit with the rainbow.)

Elizabeth: I think I get it now. All the colors of the rainbow make up the white light, but we can only see them through a prism.

Hannah: Or in the sky when the sun comes out after a rainstorm. Or in the stained glass windows.

Elizabeth: You know what, Hannah? All this talk about prisms and rainbows reminds me of the story Mother Margot read just a few minutes ago.

Hannah: How so?

Elizabeth: Well, Jesus went up on the mountain with three of his friends. And they saw his appearance change. His clothes and his face shined bright like lightning, like all the light of the sun was shining out from him.

Hannah: What does that have to do with prisms?

Elizabeth: Don’t you see? Jesus’ friends saw Jesus in a special way, like the way we see a rainbow through a prism. All those colors – red and orange and yellow and the rest – they are all part of the white light, but they’re hidden most of the time. In the same way, the dazzling brightness Jesus’ friends saw when they looked at him was always a part of him…

Hannah: …But they didn’t see him shining until they went up the mountain with him. I get it! But why then?

Elizabeth: You know what I think? I think at that moment Jesus gave them the gift of seeing him the way God sees him – as a brightly shining being, full of God’s light.

Hannah: Full of God’s light…that sounds like something I’d like to be full of, too.

Elizabeth: You want to know a secret? You are! We all are. I believe that when God looks at us, God sees us shining brightly with God’s light.

Hannah: So how come I can’t see God’s light shining through you?

Elizabeth: Well, more often than not we just aren’t paying close enough attention to see it. But sometimes it’ll shine so brightly that we can’t miss it, like a rainbow after a summer shower.

Hannah: I’m going to have to remember that the next time my brother starts annoying me. I’ll look at him and remember he’s full of God’s light, just like I am.

Elizabeth: I’ve tried. It’s really hard when you have a brother like mine!

Hannah: Maybe you could look a little more closely.

Elizabeth: Maybe we all could. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone tried to see God’s light shining from each other.

Hannah: I wonder…


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  1. Mary Whitehouse

    I think you should still do it!



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