The Carillon

The 94th Carillon Summer Concert Series

Thanks for a great summer! Stay tuned for concert details for Summer of 2019. Our Summer Carillon series runs Sunday evenings at 6pm through mid-August. It’s a wonderful opportunity to hear these majestic bells from renowned carillonneurs from across the globe.

The Carillon on Chronicle

On Tuesday, April 2, 2013, ABC’s Chronicle aired a piece about the Cohasset Carillon at St. Stephen’s. Host Anthony Everett came for a tour, and put together the story. Click the picture below to go to the Chronicle website and watch the video.

A Short History of the Carillon

Located in the Gothic stone tower of St. Stephen’s, the Cohasset Carillon was cast as a 23-bell carillon in 1924 by Gillet & Johnston of Croydon, England. It was originally called The Bancroft Memorial Carillon, the gift of Mrs. Jane W. Bancroft in memory of her mother, Mrs. Jessie M. Barron. In 1925, 20 more bells were added, and the 8 lower bells were installed in 1928. In 1989-90, the carillon was renovated and enlarged to 57 bells by the John Taylor Bell Foundry of Loughborough, England. It is the largest carillon (by number of bells) in New England, and it is one of the few carillons in the world with a range sufficient to permit the performance of every piece composed for carillon. The bourbon or lowest bell weighs 11,280 pounds and sounds the note G; the smallest bell sounds the note E and weighs 29 pounds.

One of the bells is named “Stephen” after the first Christian martyr and our patron saint. The bell carries the Latin inscription:

(I am called Stephen
Struck with stone I died for Christ
Struck with iron I sound his praise)

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