Soup and Sandwich

Lara stirs the soup before serving it to a group of hungry lunch-goers.

Second Friday of the Month
Noon in the Watermelon Room

Once a month at St. Stephen’s, the delicious smell of soup wafts from the downstairs kitchen. Our core of virtuosic soup-makers prepares two kinds of soup each month for the hungry luncheon-goers who await the meal in the Watermelon Room. These luncheon-goers have brought their own sandwiches to supplement the meal, but it is the soup that draws them. The soup, that is, along with the sparkling conversation and camaraderie with the other guests. Fabulous decorations, themed to a nearby holiday, adorn the tables and bring joy to all in attendance. There’s also birthday cake!

If you are free on the second Friday of the month (excluding July and August), you are invited to attend Soup and Sandwich at noon at St. Stephen’s. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. After all, who doesn’t like soup?