St. Stephen’s CIA


St Stephen’s Youth Group  Activities(Grades 6-8)

Wednesday Nights at 7pm- Join us upstairs at Walton Rogers Hall for some Faith, Food and Fellowship!

Friday October 13th join us for a “Lock In” at the church.

We will have games, snacks and our big project of the night will be filming a short comedic movie called “Heaven’s Kitchen”.  This movie documents a reality cooking TV series that decides to shoot an episode at St. Stephen’s church on Friday the 13th – what could possibly go wrong?! We will need lots of actors and crew, including a videographer.

A reminder, that friends are ALWAYS invited to CIA activities.

Sunday October 29 Help out with Halloween Party during fellowship

Friday November 3  9-11PM  Movie night

Wednesday December 20th: Youth Group Chipotle Wrapping Party

Wednesday January 17th: Pizza Making Party hosted by CIA

Sunday March 25  Common Cathederal Join us  as we make some food form the Homeless and head into Boston to join them at their outdoor service on the Boston Common.

For more information about the CIA program please contact Sue McHugh at