Confirmation at St. Stephen’s

“Strengthen, O Lord, your servant with your Holy Spirit; empower her for your service; and sustain her all the days of her life. Amen.” (BCP p. 418)

Confirmation is a sacrament of grace and mystery, long-standing in the church.  or many years in the Episcopal Church, confirmation took place in the sixth grade, but more recently Episcopalians have moved to a pattern in which candidates for confirmation are expected to be in at least the 9th grade. This is because this sacrament is intended to be “a mature commitment to Christ,” one that your teen makes because s/he chooses to, not because they’re “supposed to.”
In Confirmation, your teen will receive, “strength from the Holy Spirit – through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop.” Believe me, that strength is very real. It will sustain your child throughout high school and beyond. If you’re like most of us, you took vows on your child’s behalf when s/he was baptized as a baby. Confirmation is an opportunity for our teens to affirm those vows for themselves. It’s powerful, it’s meaningful, and it’s profoundly holy.

This Spiritual journey will begin in January with Father John McGinn and Sue McHugh leading the group. The program is for youth Grades 9-12 and will run 13 consecutive weeks. The Confirmation Ceremony will be held here at St Stephen’s in October of 2018 with the Bishop in attendance.  Please click here to download and print out a confirmation application. This form is due no later than December 19th.

Click here to download our “Frequently Asked Questions about Confirmation”