First Communion

Are our children welcome to receive Communion?

In a word, “Yes.” However, if you would like for your child to receive a blessing instead of Communion, simply bring your child with you to the altar rail and let the clergy know the child’s name. In general, the Episcopal Church does not offer “First Communion. However, if you would like for your child to receive instruction regarding Holy Communion, we do provide a class called “First Intentional Communion,”

First Intentional Communion

If you would like for your child to receive instruction regarding Holy Communion, we are offering a class called “First Intentional Communion,” which is geared toward teaching young children the rudimentary basics of Holy Communion. “First Intentional Communion” is also appropriate for those families who would like for their child to wait prior to receiving Communion.

Our First Intentional Communion classes are open to all children who are at least 6 years of age, regardless of whether they have received Communion in the past. During our classes we will be taking a deeper look at the meaning of Communion and Sacramental Grace leading up to the First Communion service, which will take place on Sunday, June 11th during the 10am service. This class will meet with Father John for three 45-minute sessions prior to June 11th.

What is First  Intentional Communion Class?

First  Intentional Communion class is a program for children of at least six years of age to help them get the most out of the church service by giving them the instruction they need to participate in a more well-informed and intentional way.

My child already receives Communion. Can she still participate?

In the Episcopal Church, every baptized Christian is allowed to receive Communion, so naturally some children have already received Communion. Other parents choose to wait until their child has had instruction before permitting them to receive Communion. But whether this is your child’s first Communion or their 300th, this class is valuable because it will give her a new and deeper experience of the service.

When will this classes meet?

Sunday, May 7th

Sunday May 21st

Sunday June 4th

All classes will meet right after the 10am service.

When is the First Communion service?

 The First Communion Service will be on Sunday, June 11th at 10:00am. The children will be front and center, and the whole parish will celebrate this important rite of passage with them. You may want to invite friends and family to join us as well.  Children should be at church on the morning of June 11th by 9:30 am, since they will be part of the procession at the 10:00 am.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions, feel free to speak with Sue McHugh or Father John”