We are the Clay

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How often do we hear ourselves lamenting, “If only I could take what I have on Sunday morning and bring it with me the rest of the week?” Perhaps as we think about the challenge of practicing our faith 24/7, it would be helpful to use the metaphor used by the prophet Isaiah. “We are the clay,” writes Isaiah, “and you are our potter.” Whether bowls, coffee mugs or communion chalices, clay vessels don’t form themselves, the potter does. The clay needs to be worked and reworked—to be kneaded and formed so it is malleable and responsive to the sometimes gentle, sometimes firm touch of the potter. But it is the potter who forms each piece into the singular creation that it is, each a unique reflection of the potter himself and vessel of his love.

The promises we make each time we renew our Baptismal Covenant are a good place to look to see what kind of vessels our Potter is creating us to be. This six-week course offers a unique opportunity to anyone who is interested in trying out and reflecting on, a number of different ways to practice living those baptismal promises 24/7—very specific ways of bringing Sunday into the rest of the week.

Each week, you are invited to try specific “practices”—things you can actually do—to live out some aspect or another of one of the five baptismal promises. When we gather, we reflect on how the previous week went, how it felt trying these practices, what worked for us and what didn’t. Our hope is that this program will be a cooperative one in which we are intentional about inviting God to form us and shape us into vessels who “follow and obey Christ as our Lord.”

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