Wednesday Bible Study

The Rev. Margot Critchfield leads a Bible study.

Wednesdays @ 10:30am
The Bartow Room

Every Wednesday morning, a group comes together to study the scripture assigned for the upcoming Sunday. The member of the clergy assigned to preach the following Sunday leads the Wednesday morning group, and the lesson we study is usually the one about which the cleric intends to preach.  This approach to Bible study functions as an important piece of sermon preparation for both the sermon’s preacher and its hearers:  The preacher benefits from the Spirit speaking through the questions and concerns the laity raise in response to the scripture, and the laity benefit by  their participation in the sermon-event both as sources of the Spirit’s input and as more active listeners on Sunday morning.

In this approach to Bible study, after opening with prayer, we begin by reading the assigned passage aloud in at least three different translations, including the one we will hear read on Sunday morning.  We take a few minutes then to reflect on any particular words, passages or “trouble spots” that stand out.  Then we usually read together a brief commentary or analysis of the passage that the preacher has selected in advance in the course of his or her “exegesis” (a churchy word for research!).  The commentaries are often chosen based on their potential to be thought-provoking and challenging—so our discussions tend to include richly diverse thoughts, ideas and reactions.

Our prayer is that when each of us leaves Bible study that day, we leave with some new seed of God’s Word planted in our hearts.  And we give thanks for the opportunity we’ve shared to “hear, read, mark and inwardly digest” that Word together. If you are free Wednesdays at 10:30 in the morning, please join us!

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