St. Stephen’s ROX


The St. Stephen’s Youth Group for high school students, also known as ROX (Relying on Christ), promotes our teens living as Christians in today’s society. We take advantage of their increasing interest in the world outside their immediate community in order to broaden their service opportunities and expose them to the individuality and diversity of all of God’s children.

The group meets once a month. Our goal is to foster the group’s identity and provide a fun safe environment for open discussion about the world as they see it.
In addition to meeting once a Month with our Rector we offer many service activities including a Christmas gift drive, Common Cathedral, helping at a local food pantry, serving as crew leaders for VBS and Mission trip planning. The group also continues to serve their church community through acolyting, ushering, reading and helping out at family fellowship events. We hope that serving others will become as embedded in their activities as schoolwork and sports, and therefore they will continue to serve Christ’s children throughout their lives.

We are an enthusiastic group; ready to help those in need and put into action the Christian values we have learned during our Godly Play years!