Baptisms at St. Stephen’s

We receive you into the household of God. Confess the faith of Christ crucified, proclaim his resurrection, and share with us in his eternal priesthood. (BCP p. 308)

A baptism in the ocean.

The sacrament of Baptism celebrates the inward movement of God in a person’s life by outwardly welcoming that person into God’s family the Church. Or, to use a musical metaphor, the music of God plays in each one of our hearts. Sometimes the music is soft, a half-whispered lullaby, barely discernible over the din of the world. Sometimes the notes crescendo to a deafening fortissimo that knocks us, weeping, to our knees. Most often, the music sounds as the percussive TUB-thp of our hearts — a rhythm that, if you listen closely, beats in time with the rest of the performing forces of creation.

Each one of us has the music of God resounding within, but the symphony is incomplete until we have found each other, until we have joined together in harmony as the orchestra of God. Musical harmony is the collection of notes that adds structure, color, tone, depth, and meaning to the main tune. This tune, called the “melody” is the music of God within us. The combination of our own unique passions, trials, joys, griefs, and loves creates the harmony of the music of God.

In the sacrament of Holy Baptism, we welcome another violin or French horn or bassoon into the orchestra. We await img_0871eagerly the subtle changes in timbre that the new life will bring. Together, we play the harmony of the music of God to a world so accustomed only to noise and clatter. The movements of our symphony resonate with the movement of God in this world. This is the sacrament of Holy Baptism: new sound, new harmony, new resonance in the symphony of the music of God.

At St. Stephen’s, we baptize people for membership in God’s entire Church throughout the world; therefore, one does not necessarily need to be a member of St. Stephen’s to be baptized here, though it is always a great joy to baptize one of our own. We baptize both children and adults. We do all baptisms in the context of our Sunday morning worships services. We invite those being baptized (or their parents in the case of infant baptism) to meet with the clergy ahead of time to learn more about what baptism means. Please download the photo-2FAQ below for more information about Baptism.  To schedule a Baptism, download the “Application for Baptism” below, send it in, and  call the church office at (781) 383-1083 to confirm.

Click here to download our “Frequently Asked Questions about Baptism”
Click here to download our “Application for Baptism”