Music at St. Stephen’s

Music is a vital part of our culture, both in church and outside of church.  Music gives joy when we are happy, and comforts us when we are sad.  In a spiritual setting, we use music at many times throughout the church year.  At Christmas time we sing carols and anthems; at Easter we sing of the joy of the Resurrection.  We use our music to help us to grow in our faith, and to help others grow in their faith too.

We have many places in this parish where we use music. Our Adult Choir sings on Sunday mornings.  Our Youth Choir is currently on hiatus. We also invite people who play instruments to join us to play before or after our service.

To learn more about where you can serve in our parish music program, explore the music section of this site, or contact our Music Director, John Whiteside through the church office.  We would welcome you to be a part of this exciting ministry!

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